Design Engineering
Showcase 2021


Augmented Reality

Project Details

Ling Qin
Christian Rottger
Jonathan Tang
Innovation Design Engineering
Experimental interaction

Creating weather sensations within a VR experience

This project is the result of an innovative collaboration between Imperial College London and TUM (Technical University Munich), two World leading technical universities and teams of multidisciplinary designers and engineers. This team worked remotely using virtual prototyping tools combined with established design engineering methods to explore concepts for tangible interfaces utilising the potential of Virtual and Augmented reality (VR-AR).

SAD Challenge

Focusing on the challenge: How might we simulate sunny weather to combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD)? The team explored, with extensive practical exploration, how physical sensations of heat, wind, light could be incorporated into constrained geometry and ergonomics of wireless VR headsets. The enhanced VR experience creates opportunities for developing therapies for people suffering from SAD, but also enhanced experiences in many other contexts such as long distance travel or high-rise urban living where people are physically and psychologically deprived of weather sensations.