Design Engineering
Showcase 2021

Thanatos - A Death Rite Ritual for Digital Remains.

Data Collection
Digital Interactions
Digital Materials

Project Details

Adarsh Nellore
Innovation Design Engineering
Experimental interaction

Thanatos - A Death Rite Ritual for Digital Remains. — Will we develop death rite rituals for our digital remains eternally preserved by the Internet?

The Internet is a cemetery, preserving our personal data long after we die. By the end of the century, there may be more deceased users on social media than living, amounting to a digital afterlife. When we die, will we have death rites for our digital selves? Will large tech companies offer post-mortem services for users?

Named after the Greek god of non-violent death, Thanatos is a robotically-enabled death rite ritual that transforms digital remains into physical materials for funerary practices. This performance utilizes data physicalization to facilitate the ritual stages of separation, preservation, and finally reincorporation of digital remains.

Medium: Materials variable, size: 50cm x 50cm x 25cm