Design Engineering
Showcase 2021


Virtual Reality

Project Details

Jeremy Hulse
Yiyun Tong
Summer Chen
April Cai
Innovation Design Engineering
Experimental interaction

Balance sensations for VR boardsports

This project is the result of an innovative collaboration between Imperial College London and TUM (Technical University Munich), two World leading technical universities and teams of multidisciplinary designers and engineers. This team worked remotely using virtual prototyping tools combined with established design engineering methods to explore concepts for tangible interfaces utilising the potential of Virtual and Augmented reality (VR-AR).

Superboard product

G-force, movement and balance

Introducing realistic physical (haptic) sensations into VR gaming experiences is not yet explored for boardsports, involving sensations of g-force, movement and balance amongst others. The experimented with how sight, balance and auditory physical and virtual sensations can be combined to optimise the physical equipment element – and be fully integrated in a virtual gaming experience. Skills such as carving and turning, stance, pumping, kick turns, quick pivots and dropping in transfer across snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding creating considerable market opportunities in next generation VR sports.