Design Engineering
Showcase 2021


Medical training
Virtual Reality
Haptic feedback

Project Details

Tobias Kappeler
Janis Milde
Yuan Yin
Innovation Design Engineering
Experimental interaction

Haptic feedback for AR biopsy training

This project is the result of an innovative collaboration between Imperial College London and TUM (Technical University Munich), two World leading technical universities and teams of multidisciplinary designers and engineers. This team worked remotely using virtual prototyping tools combined with established design engineering methods to explore concepts for tangible interfaces utilising the potential of Virtual and Augmented reality (VR-AR).

Neetly device

Lifelike feedback

Working closely with biopsy experts, the Neetly project addresses opportunities for integrating VR-AR systems into medical training with a system to provide accurate lifelike feedback of biopsy procedures. Medical students will be able to develop their skills and experience of biopsies in a VR environment whilst experiencing accurate 3D touch, pressure sensations and interactivity through the physical part of the system. This will substantially de-risk and reduce the cost of conventional biopsy training.

Neetly device detail
Neetly device detail