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Data Protection

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Danyi Shen
Innovation Design Engineering
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Cryptology, known as the method of making and breaking codes, is a discipline to protect data. Cryptology started in ancient Greek and has lots of inventions throughout its long history, such as the Caeser cipher and the Enigma machine. Modern cryptology, like symmetric-key cryptography and public-key cryptography, relies on strong algorithms to protect digital currencies, computer passwords, online databases and private conversations. However, the conflict between highly secure cryptology and easy management leads to users’ bad data management habits, threatening their data safety.

Knot theory is a branch of mathematics that studies knots. Tackling knot problems is like playing with a rubber sheet. It deals with the ways that strings can be twisted, bent, pulled, or otherwise deformed from one shape to another. The uniqueness, amorphization, and stability features of knots show the potential to develop a better solution to cryptology in the back-end algorithm and user interface.