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Showcase 2021


Social Media
Engagement time

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Global Innovation Design
Dr David Boyle
Simplifying Complexity

Timely is a digital shepherd in the user's smartphone that manages and balances meaningfulness and engagement time for social media use.

Ultimately, Timely aims to minimise the time users spend on mindless social media use by maximising their meaningful social media experiences, allowing users to regain their time.

Regain Your Time

As social media companies are incentivised to seize as much of our attention and engagements as possible, user’s subjective experiences and meanings are undermined and their behaviours manipulated for the purpose of profit generation.

Based on the user’s phone usage, Timely can predict the user’s next phone use session and curate a personalised meaningful feed by pulling content from the user’s social media accounts. The feed will then be delivered to the users in a timely manner.

This allows users to have their social needs gratified without mindless engagements and consumptions, hence minimising their engagement time.

All in all, timely is a starting point towards addressing the bigger picture of undermining surveillance capitalism, and minimising the time user engage in social media mindlessly.

Timely, regain your time.

Click here for the Timely native application prototype.

Timely hero
Timely grid 1
Timely grid 2
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