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Thrishantha Nanayakkara
Inclusive interaction

The rise of crowdfunding has reshaped the relationship between game designers and players. Creators often bring their backers into the playtesting process itself while expanding the idea of what makes up a tabletop game campaign to include soundtracks and animations.

Holodeck makes it possible for creators to go beyond the status quo playtesting experience via print and play kits. It does this by making it simple to virtualize their game assets, creating a digital twin that can be played across devices. As a virtual yet in-person gaming and playtesting platform, it offers both more accessible and more interactive experiences.

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More Inclusive & More Immersive

Blind tabletop game enthusiasts currently shoulder the burden of modding physical game pieces to make games accessible via stickers, braille embossing, or even NFID/RFID tags. With Holodeck, creators contribute textual, positional, and pictorial information such as card text, card layout, and alternative image text during the virtualization process. This means game assets like cards are voiceover ready right out of the box. Cards become consistent gestural soundboards – accessible through virtual augmentation rather than tedious physical modification. And with the addition of computer vision and image segmentation, this virtual augmentation could even extend into the real world of physical cards.

In addition to inclusivity, cyber-physical tabletop games open the door to immersive gameplay currently seen only in video games. Game events such as playing a card could trigger sound effects and animations – mixed media assets already being produced by many tabletop game creators. A magical future awaits as developments in cyber-physical systems, spatial audio, and holographic volumetric displays promise to bring the world of tabletop games to life.

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