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Global Innovation Design
Dr Leila Sheldrick
Inclusive interaction
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Encounter is an AI-driven augmented reality experience that helps people discover serendipitous experiences and geotag audio memories in their cities by leveraging their digital information to enhance their physical journeys through voice assistance.

Encounter’s geotagged audio connects users with a rich tapestry of lived experience in their physical environment for a timeless connection to loved ones. Encounter’s system works through a customized hearable device and a smartwatch application to provide information on physical experiences near you.

Learn more about Encounter here.

The Future of Personalized Immersion

The future of personalized immersion will enable humans to be augmented and empowered to make time-efficient, customized decisions on how they engage with their data, and their environments in their cities.

Today, activity and purchase decisions in local and international travel begin with an Instagram post. Tech companies like Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn have reported a 276 percent increase in small-town travel, with an emphasis on people wanting more unexpected destinations, local knowledge, and eco-friendly means.

Could we solve for this desire in the day-to-day, local context by creating serendipitous moments closer to home? Most people have found themselves not knowing how to fill up their time between planned events in their calendar. This can lead to a lot of time spent on searching, decision making and wayfinding with a smartphone, and often wastes precious time.

The design process of Encounter used a methodology driven by user research and stakeholder feedback in the testing of the multimodal design system. Encounter has garnered validation and interest from industry experts across the fields of wearable technology, voice user interface, machine learning and color psychology from leading companies such as Google, WearWorks and Pear Sports.

Click here to experience the audio-visual prototype.

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