Design Engineering
Showcase 2021


Digital Advertising
Data Privacy
Big Data

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Global Innovation Design
Dr Sam Cooper
Simplifying Complexity

Ego is a platform that gives people direct control of the ads they see online. In its simplest form, Ego displays individual ad interest groups as they are added to a user’s account in real-time, giving them the choice to accept, remove, or set their own schedule for each interest group. Ego then automates the process of pushing or pulling those groups from their device, directly influencing the types of ads a user would see.

For ad platforms and data aggregators, Ego allows users to close the feedback loop, confirming or rejecting interest groups, and providing a clearer vision of what each individual is actually looking for. For the advertisers, Ego provides a higher level of assurance that the money spent on advertising is reaching the correct audience. And for people, Ego creates simple, flexible data options to match the complexities of everyday life.

Ego. Simple data options for complex people.

Read more about Ego here.

EGO hero image.
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