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Global Innovation Design
Dr Pelin Demirel Liu
Sustainable Design Engineering
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Breana is an inclusive humanoid breast form that simulates real breast shapes and helps design better intimate wear


Women and non binary people of the society have struggled to find comfortable, well-fitting bras due to diverse body forms and the industry’s need to standardize for mass production. Breana is a product that helps lingerie brands change their perspective from viewer to wearer, to be able to provide intimate wear that is inclusive of all body shapes and sizes.

When it comes to breasts, volume, sagging, asymmetry and nipple deviation are some common variables that are genetic or may change due to external factors. These variables are responsible for all the beautiful diverse breast shapes. They also define the level of comfort we have with our clothes. Breana dress form is built on these variables.


Breana is an all inclusive humanoid dress form that lets apparel brands and manufacturers fit their garment samples on a simulated human-body like model in the place of currently used standard mannequins and ideal sized fashion models. The simulated model can alter its shape based on different real body measurements.


Breana is a dynamic easy-to-use form that

- Considers volume and grades of ptosis (sagging) of breasts for sizing accuracy

- Is inclusive of all breast shapes and sizes

- Takes real body measurements as input data for simulation

Breana hero
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