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Showcase 2021


Water in the Home
Artificial Intelligence

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Global Innovation Design
Dr Nejra Van Zalk
Sustainable Design Engineering

Boond is a platform that aims to help consumers, specifically guests in hotels, to keep track of and reduce their daily water footprint. Users can monitor the water they are consuming and set limits on their daily habits, thus helping them develop more sustainable consumption habits over time.

Customers are offered a choice of water profiles that they use to set limits on their daily activities. These limits are applied to the Boond unit in the bathroom responsible for tracking water consumption. The device takes audio input using the onboard microphone and locally processes it using machine-learning algorithms to detect and track water events. This information is used to provide visual feedback to the user, warning them when they are close to the limits they have selected.

Boond thus aims to address the impending water crisis that we are all to face in the coming decades, the signs of which we are already seeing in cities around the world today. Studies in the UK show that the country is projected to run out of freshwater by the year 2050; this is only exacerbated by increasing daily water consumption over the years.

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