Design Engineering
Showcase 2021

AIRCLE : Next-gen Air Purification System

Air Pollution
London Underground
Passenger Experience

Project Details

Global Innovation Design
Dr Celine Mougenot
Sustainable Design Engineering

AIRCLE is a next-gen air purification system that improves air quality on the Tube platforms via diverting the piston wind and reducing metallic particles using electromagnet technology. AIRCLE creates a healthier London Underground experience for the passengers and helps protect the environment.

Research has shown that concentrations of PM2.5 (fine particulate matter) in the Tube was about 15~30 times higher than roadside environments in central London. And about 70% of metro systems around the world exceed WHO or local air quality standards. Most of these particles are iron formed through mechanical phenomena such as frictions of rails and wheels. As a train moves through a tunnel, the piston effect occurs, which will carry pollutants in the tunnel to the platform.

AIRCLE turns crisis into opportunity by the airflow diverters installed on the ceiling and the air purifiers installed near the track, and it is designed for ease of maintenance. AIRCLE is also integrated with lightings and train indicators to improve passenger distribution and flow on platforms.

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