Design Engineering
Showcase 2021

Tewke Ltd

Smart Home

Project Details

Maddy Woodburn
Hardware team
David Boyle
Product design engineer
Retail and Consumer Goods

Tewke is a start-up that is building the platform of the future, supporting a new industry of intelligent energy consumption through the adoption of smart grids combined with home automation. The business is currently in ‘stealth mode’ while the products are being developed. I joined a team of six employees and have seen it expand to a 10-employee. During this time, I led the project that designed the central node in the wider Tewke product offering. This involved researching and specifying the hardware needed, designing the product and reaching out to manufacturers and suppliers to make the product a reality.

Tewke Ltd.

Demonstration of Design Engineering Thinking and Skills

Over the course of placement, I used a range of design engineering skills and was able to develop them within an industry context. I used engineering analysis to specify hardware components to meet functional capabilities, rapid prototyping including low fidelity prototyping of the hub’s physical presence out of cardboard, 3D printing speaker modules in an iterative process to work out optimal shape and size, and Arduino prototyping of UI to communicate status information on the product. I was able to ideate, design, CAD and 3D print different hardware elements I worked on, and achieved a final design for a product that will enter the market.

Role and Contributions

My role at Tewke was as a product design engineer (or design sherpa). I worked within the hardware team, and worked closely with the backend software engineer, electronics engineer as well as with the CEO and the rest of the design team. During the six months, I was the lead on a project that essentially designed the central node of the Tewke home platform. I worked on specifying the technical hardware, as well as the product design of the casing, taking it from ideation through to final design.


In conclusion, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working at Tewke. It was a great opportunity to take the skills that I had learnt over three years of design engineering and apply and develop them in an industrial context. My advice for DE3: identify the areas of your design engineering skillset you would like to improve, and then find a company that will challenge you in that area!

Prototyping UI of product using Arduino and neopixel ring
Tewke team
PCB were customised for the product