Design Engineering
Showcase 2021

Pampers, Procter & Gamble

Human Centred Design
Mechanical Design

Project Details

Claudia Regojo
Global Devices
Dr Connor Myant
R&D Project Lead
Retail and Consumer Goods

On my first day as R&D intern in Kronberg (Germany) I was assigned full responsibility of a mechanical device development project for Pampers. Starting from some scratch, I set out to understand and describe the Consumer need, ideate solutions in the form of wearable devices, build and test over 25 MVPs, and deliver a final design proposition.

Six months and many learnings later I have delivered manufactured samples that will be tested with consumers. I have also strengthened my mechanical design skills, and built a network within the German Innovation Centre and beyond that is opening future professional possibilities.


Demonstration of Design Engineering Thinking and Skills

My project consisted of the development of a wearable device for Pampers. The first step of my project required me to discover and synthesize consumer insights. This was done by carrying out different consumer research task including moderating Consumer interviews, setting up Focus groups, organising ideation sessions with my team and the planning and execution of one Consumer Study.

In brief, the 4-day Consumer Study was carried out remotely in the US with Pamper’s Expert Panel to get real consumer feedback on my MVPs, performing data collection, Data processing and analysis to evaluate the impact of different use cases on the accuracy of an existing Machine Learning algorithm.

The learnings from this Discovery and Definition phase were converted into concept exploration sketches and prototypes, which were evaluated by different groups of experts in Industrial Design, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Products Safety and Business Model to converge to a final concept.

Through a three-month long Development phase over 25 MVPs were modelled, built with different additive manufacturing technologies, tested through FEM Simulations and in the lab using a test bench and shown to consumers for feedback.

One highlight was evaluating the final design using the Cambridge Exclusion Calculator as part of the Inclusive Design Toolkit. Implementing this Human-Centred metric allowed me to improve the accessibility of the product by getting first-hand experience on the usage and assembly of the parts when being limited in visual, dexterous, or cognitive abilities.

Finally in the Delivery phase samples were ordered through establishing relationships with external suppliers in China and Italy. These parts will be used by the team who will take on the project after my internship.

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3D printing

Role and Contributions

Impact to the Business:

My project will enable Pampers to gain the behavioural data to further expand their portfolio in the field of wearable technology, delivering consumer delight by putting people at the centre throughout the design process. Additionally, one of the mechanisms within the device could deliver a competitive advantage by solving one of the main issues encountered by parents when using baby wearables.

Impact to the Team:

Beyond my internship project I was an active member of the Global Devices group, a team of technical experts that assist business units worldwide by providing device development (DD) capabilities. My Design engineering background allowed me to bring Design thinking tools and ideation techniques to the team, by moderating some of the monthly Innovation Team sessions. My project also pioneered the integration of GrowthWorks, an agile methodology based on testing assumptions through MVP experimentation recently adopted by Pampers FEI team, with traditional DD workflows like SIMPL.

Impact to my Career:

Finally, this placement industrial experience in working at a big corporation. I have increased my understanding on the strategic and business impact of R&D work, the leadership structure of the organisation, and the benefits a design engineer can bring to these highly specialised organisational units (Design Department, Process Engineering, Product Supply, Product Research, Product Development…) by being an enabler of inter-departmental collaboration.

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Internship team


Working for P&G has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my professional life to date. Working for a multinational organisation enabled me to meet with product’s researchers, designers, engineers and manufacturing experts, gaining an understanding about what my design engineering skills can offer in terms of multidisciplinary collaboration, project management and human-centred device development.

I look forward to continuing this experience by pursuing my Master’s Thesis within Oral-B FEI, consolidating my technical expertise in electro-mechanical device development.

The historic Braun site in Kronberg, now the German Innovation Centre.