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Xinran Lin
Design team
Dr Pelin Demirel Liu
Design Engineer

IDC is a design consultancy, which mainly focusing on the medical product fields. My placement there has supported my professional and personal development by providing me the knowledge of the whole process of the product design from a concept to the final product on the market and provide me the chance to participate in different tasks like technical testing or CAD development practically, getting a deeper understanding on different stages. My contributions are on supporting the design works in different projects in different stages.

IDC China

Demonstration of Design Engineering Thinking and Skills

IDC is a comprehensive design consultancy, mainly focusing on the medical device. And it is also an international design consultancy with offices both in the UK and in China. Attending in the IDC China team allows me to have a chance to get a closer look and join in different stages in the whole process of the product design. And between different projects and variety of tasks, I learnt and approached many design methodology while make my contributions in the projects and working with the whole team.

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Role and Contributions

As I am a design engineer in the team, my main role is to do the verification test for two main projects and a desk research for a new starting project.

My first task is to do the product verification test for the first iteration prototypes of the breast pump set design, to explore the problems or the improvements for the products by different sections of test. Since it is a testing job, different software and hardware skills on using professional device, CAD skills for designing the test rigs are included.

The second task for me is also the verification for the face massager product samples. Different from the project above, the verification test for this project is more focusing on root cause determination and solution finding with the samples that has error appeared. This involves lots of electronics skills on testing PCB board and interpersonal skills in the technical report.

The third task is to do the desk research for the ventilator, like searching for the competitor products, the relative diseases, use case, etc. After gathering the information, the next step is brainstorming with project manager for the feasible solution. This also related to some interpersonal skills and the divergent thinking ability.

Product 1
Product 2


I attended the placement in-person and working in a professional design consultancy environment for 6 months as I expected in the very beginning. Within the technical environment and professional leaders and colleagues, both my soft and hard skills like CAD modelling and negotiation skills all get a large step forward than before.

During the 6 months experience, I involved in multiple projects in different stages of design, getting a closer look into each stage and the problems will met in-between as well as how to solve them. It is of great help to my future career.

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