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Project Details

Saksorn Sespattanachai
Dr David Boyle
Summer Associate

As part of the crypto trading (brokerage) platform development for a client, I worked on the development of the onboarding. I lead the selection process of eKYC/CDD and OCR tech vendors as well as launching a user testing to evaluate their software performance. Before I started, I anticipated to gain an exposure to a cooperate environment, learning, and adopting innovative technological tools. Having cooperated with multinational tech vendor companies, software developers, and regulator representatives, I was able to develop my interpersonal skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills at professional level.

Boston Consulting Group

Demonstration of Design Engineering Thinking and Skills

My first assignment was reviewing and benchmarking the 4 key players’ exchange/brokerage platform UX/UI and features to derive a minimum number of features needed for MVP1’s mobile application and web. For UX/UI review, user perceptual map was created to help establish a targeted positioning. The team coordinated with UX/UI designers and software developers to provide legal and business requirements to derive UX/UI analysis. User flows were analysed, and UX/UI themes were allocated to different key players. This work was presented in an internal discussion for the MDPs to finalise the MVP1’s feature list, and a desired UX/UI theme/positioning.

In addition, I was given an opportunity in leading the selection process of the eKYC/CDD and OCR tech vendors as part of the platform onboarding process. eKYC/CDD vendors provide a software solution for biometric and document identity verification. I contacted and conducted price and feature benchmarking on 8 multinational eKYC/CDD tech vendor companies. The selection criteria were created and validated with the team and the software developers to ensure that the software solution satisfies legal and business requirements. Once the most 2 suitable eKYC/CDD vendors were selected, a software performance test was conducted to evaluate the flexibility and performance of the vendors’ identity verification software. I was able to lead in designing and undertaking the test. The test involved asking 100 participants to complete a 2-step identity verification process via the vendors’ trial mobile applications. As a result, I conducted a data analysis on the test results and derive financial and performance implications and how might this technological tool affect the efficiency of the company operation. Eventually, all the findings and insights were crystalised into a recommendation presentation, which I pitched to the Managing Director and Partners to make the final decision. Ultimately, the final decision followed the recommendation proposed.

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Role and Contributions

I applied for a Summer Associate role in a management consulting firm, Boston Consulting Group. I was assigned into a consulting team, who often worked at client’s site as consulting work requires close cooperation with both client C-level and working team. I was allocated to a tech development project; The project’s objective was to develop a cryptocurrencies trading platform for a client, and BCG was hired as the project manager. Building a platform requires contribution and expertise from multiple parties, thus, the work dynamic involves intense coordination between 5 stakeholders: 1) Client, 2) BCG team, 3) Software Developer Companies, 4) External Tech Vendors, and 5) Regulators. As part of the onboarding process work, I mainly coordinated with the software developer team and tech vendors during the vendor selection, tech integration, and implementation periods. Throughout my placement, I was able to contribute to the team by leading the selection process of the eKYC/CDD and OCR vendors, prepared some presentation materials related to the onboarding process for the regulator representatives, and helped designing the process flows of crypto & fiat deposit/withdraw transaction process.

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The placement experience has remarkably advanced my professional development in both businesses related. I was fascinated to examine how my engineering background could be utilised in other industry and my work contributed be put into actions. In consulting industry, you will be able to work closely with client at C-level to create impactful changes and development in large-scale enterprises.