Design Engineering
Showcase 2021


Product Service Systems

Project Details

Samantha Foong
Leila Al-Azzawi
Anna Soligo
Josh Lowe
Sustainable Design Engineering

A circular toy system that’s good for your baby and good for the Earth

Project Description

Juno is a toy system for parents with children aged two and below.

Juno empowers parents to optimise their child’s brain development using a specially-designed and curated collection of toys. Juno combats clutter by nudging parents to return toys that no longer stimulate their baby, so that it may live out its full product and material potential with other children.

Juno members can track and measure their baby's developmental milestones via the app. The toys completely disassemble, allowing contaminated and damaged components to be recycled. Different coloured components are kept separate during the injection moulding process and are only fixed together with baby proof snap fits.

The Juno system reduces the embodied energy of a baby’s toys to an estimated 9% of its current value, a saving of 14.7 GJ - this is enough to power the average UK home for 5 weeks!