Design Engineering
Showcase 2021

The 3rd Eye : Evolution to Phono Sapiens

Speculative Design
Social Commentary

Project Details

Minwook Paeng
Innovation Design Engineering

The next generation of human bodies from smartphone addiction

Project Description

Phono Sapiens is a new human species born from Smartphones.

Smartphones have deeply permeated into modern people's lives, which has made it difficult for us to live without them. This is perceived negatively, but the evolution to Phono Sapiens of mankind is undeniably a reality. So I accepted the fact that the human body is controlled by smartphones as a positive change. This gives us a broad perspective on the unfinished Phono sapiens. It also allows us to predict and propose fully evolved generation of Phono Sapiens.The third eye is its first evolution. We can't take our eyes off of our smartphones while walking. That's why we evolved to have a third eye. This eye moves separately from the rest of the eyes and it opens when our previous eyes are looking at smartphone.

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