Design Engineering
Showcase 2021

Stool Pleurotus - Chair Farm

Circular Economy
Urban Farming

Project Details

Rui Huang
Innovation Design Engineering
Sustainable Design Engineering

An experiment to celebrate the co-design between human and nature

Project Description

Generated by digital algorithm, fabricated by 3D Printing, completed by the natural growth of mushroom, Stool Pleurotus starts from the idea of bridging digital fabrication with natural growth, appreciating the wisdom from both sides. What is more existing is that you, the user, can be a part of the creative process by growing, picking and cooking the mushroom. All of this can be achieved through feeding the parameters to the algorithm to breed and grow the gills of the mushroom digitally, and what's left for the user is to hand in the magic stick to the nature to complete the growing process. It is not only a stool, but a Sculpture, a micro-farm, a service & a Lifestyle