Design Engineering
Showcase 2021


Speculative Design

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Ana Maria Diana Canghizer
Innovation Design Engineering

Reconfigurable Chair for Hybrid Garden in Space

Project Description

2050 New Life on Spaceship: How can digital, craftsmanship and nature coexist together in space? I took this opportunity to imagine design and manufacturing for the 4.0 industry from today to the next 30 years. Imagining the 2050s, as a designer, I thought to my self - how can I bring my Romanian heritage with me in space? When I think of home, I think of nature and the various biodiversity that my country has. Looking into helical organic growth from nature, and combining it with traditional Romanian weaving and prototyping with 3D printing, I have designed a reconfigurable chair for a speculative hybrid garden in space. Proposed to be mad of wood or carbon fibre, the chair is hollow, allowing vegetation to grow through it. Considering future space limitations, the chair can be reconfigured into a stool, giving the user multiple furniture options.

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