Design Engineering
Showcase 2021


Product Service Systems

Project Details

Jasper Driessen
Michelle Lee
Sibylle Rérolle
Sean Wisskirchen
Design Engineering MEng
Sustainable Design Engineering

A sustainable shaving solution.

Project Description

Whitetail’s eco shaving pods are a sustainable take on shaving foam designed to minimise waste and lower emissions. It is a simple, light, and above all, natural solution.

It consists of a refillable, water-tight dispenser holding a cartridge containing water-soluble shaving pods. The pods turn into shaving foam once rubbed in wet hands or lathered in a bowl. The cardboard cartridges are replaced through a monthly subscription. The stainless-steel dispenser prevents contents from getting crushed or wet and can last a lifetime. Further, the dispenser is compact, easy to handle and perfect for travel. Whitetail uses only sustainably sourced materials that are either reusable, recyclable or biodegradable. The materials for the pods are natural and can be washed down the sink without polluting watercourses. Compared with typical shaving foam canisters, the solution uses 74% less energy and produces 83% less CO2.