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Showcase 2021


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Joseph Folkes
Mustafa Al-Quraishi
Martin Lombard
Guy Solan
Design Engineering MEng
Sustainable Design Engineering

Saving water when we wash our hands

Project Description

In 5 years, 2 in 3 people will live in a water-stressed area.

On average, people use 1.4 litres of water when washing their hands. 1 litre of this is wasted by wetting the hands with too much water and leaving the tap on when not in use (getting soap, making a lather and scrubbing).

SOAP BROS is here to make hand washing more sustainable. Inspired by molecular gastronomy, a solution of liquid soap and only 5ml of water is suspended in an organic membrane. This removes the plastic waste from packaging and reduces water usage by up to 70%.

SOAP BROS’ circular system aims to partner with brands such as Dove and Carex to deliver their products in a more sustainable form. Consumers receive SOAP BROS orbs from the delivery crate seamlessly within their shopping order from services such as Ocado. The orbs are transferred to the consumer’s reusable can, ready for handwashing.

The SOAP BROS system uses zero single-use plastic and is a fun hand washing solution, saving 985mL water per wash.

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