Design Engineering
Showcase 2021



Project Details

Shefali Bagaria
Design Engineering MEng
Advanced Industrial Design

Ripple helps you build the habit of taking short, regular breaks that reduce stress and boost productivity.

Ripple Hero

Project Description

In the hectic work day, health and well-being often gets pushed far down the priority list. Ripple bring moments of calm and rejuvenation to your day, to give your mind and body a chance to recover during long hours of sitting and working. The lamp gently alerts you when it is time for a break by changing the colour of its light, according to your schedule and preferences. The pebble prompts you to take it for a walk, to get you off the chair and moving your body and take your eyes away from the screen. In addition to the increase in productivity and stress relief, Ripple helps to mitigate long term muscle strain by encouraging regular movement.

ripple final
ripple storyboard