Design Engineering
Showcase 2021

Phat Plastic

Product Service Systems

Project Details

Puja Soneji
Saym Hussain
Tomáš Kňaze
Harvey Upton
Design Engineering MEng
Enterprise Roll Out
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A disruptive B2B fashion-technology enterprise with a mission to bring brands into the circular economy

Project Description

Change is coming. Consumer demand is pressurising brands and retailers to adopt sustainable behaviours, but that is easier said than done. Phat Plastic facilitates the transition of fashion brands to a circular business model in order to create large environmental changes. This is done through four key innovations:

1. Using a bio-based and biodegradable alternative to polyester

2. Manufacturing garments using a novel waste-free method

3. A reverse logistics system to reclaim old garments from end-users

4. Loyalty incentivisation through a consumer credit scheme

So far, we have been validating our venture’s business model by speaking with fashion brands and industry experts. We have verified business potential. Next, we will be verifying our technology. R&D will be taking place in Summer 2021. Stay updated by signing up to our newsletter via Phat Plastic’s website, or get in touch by emailing

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