Design Engineering
Showcase 2021

ninetytwo | Discover your countryside

Travel and Leisure
Activity Planning

Project Details

Ángela Ibáñez
Bettina Sosa
Elvire Coudray
Max Hunt
Design Engineering MEng
Enterprise Roll Out
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Plan your perfect trip to the countryside. Tell us what you want to do and we will show you where to go.

Project Description

ninetytwo allows young city dwellers with limited time and know-how to plan their perfect trip to the countryside.

Users tell us what they want to do. Our platform shows them where to go, what to do there and where to stay. We unify all the online data and curate it into appealing plans that we know our users will love.

We introduce a new marketing strategy in the rural holiday rental sector: "experience-based" marketing.

We aggregate holiday rental platforms' properties and market them in a completely new way. At present, there is no recognised product in the rural self-catered sector focused on “experience-based search”. Digital platforms ask users “where” they want to go, whilst we ask them “what” they want to do.