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Assistive Technology

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Harvey Wong
Design Engineering MEng
Advanced Industrial Design
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Making digital home assistants more accessible

Project Description

Digital home assistants are exlusively designed to be interacted with via a speech interface. This conceptual device allows digital home assistants to be completely operational without voice whilst maintaining the same level of convenience and experience of a speech interface.

By giving the user the ability to issue non-verbal commands from anywhere in a given room (or home, if the device is installed in each room) without having to carry a physcial control input device, the experience of a speech interface can be holistically replicated.

Sign language and/or hand signs offer a method for conveying complex non-verbal commands. Commands which will be interpreted by an integrated 360 degree camera, providing the device with a birds eye view of the entire room. This concept is implemented as part of a light fixture, requiring it to be mounted onto the ceiling. Acknowledgement of commands are conveyed to the user by changing the hue of the light.

Project Image
Project Image
Project Image