Design Engineering
Showcase 2021

HiiT Me Up

Physical Activity

Project Details

Jordi Albanell
Rob Garland
Sana Pirmohamed
Will Kerr
Design Engineering MEng
Enterprise Roll Out
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Game-changing social fitness. Taking interactive and inclusive game-based workouts to the next level.

Project Description

Here to work out? Exercise with friends and like-minded people, all in a novel and fun format. We’ve worked with experienced instructors to make our sessions a place where you can get to know others and have a whole lot of fun. We’ve made it easier than ever to share your achievements with your workout community. Too busy to work out? Think again! We’ve got sessions planned throughout the whole week, and if you miss a session, you can catch up whenever!

Interested in joining as an instructor? Take full control of your workout sessions. Customise the structure and choose the game that works best for your session. We are building a friendly community of world-class instructors to run engaging sessions. Instructors will work together to build the best experiences for their shared customers. Send encouraging messages to get people excited for the session! Becoming a HiiT Me Up instructor guarantees reliable regular sessions with a group of loyal customers who are excited to get fit.

Change and share your progress with friends
Game-changing social fitness
Join groups with common interests
Chat with groups ahead of time
Regular session, Reliable income.