Design Engineering
Showcase 2021

Future USAR Technology


Project Details

Kabir Knupp
Hsinhua Lu
Sam Walters
Brandon Tan
Kirstie Taylor
Design Engineering MEng
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Leveraging transhumanism to improve the future efficiency of urban search and rescue

Project Description

Transhumanism is the belief that we can evolve past our physiological limitations by fusing with technology. This project explores how it can be used for good to revolutionise urban search and rescue, and to empower amputees. The concept is a bionic hand and forearm that augments the user in the urban search and rescue missions that follow natural disasters. The hand is coated in a milli-bot skin and is capable of shapeshifting (using swarm robotics) into structural modes that can help the user to sense victims through debris. The bionic also allows enhances communication between humans and robots on the search field, allowing them to cover the search area as efficiently as possible.

Project Image
Project Image