Design Engineering
Showcase 2021

Face Masks in Education - The 'Hands Up'

Face Masks

Project Details

Zyque So
Design Engineering MEng
Human Centred Design Engineering

Redesigning face masks to improve social interaction and communication between teachers and students in a class setting.

Project Description

Our human-centred design engineering project focuses on improving physical wellbeing, and my group decided to do research into redesigning face masks in the pandemic! This half term we were able to branch off individually to create our own ideas in a more specific direction, and I wanted to make some improvements in how teachers and students interact while having masks on. I started with some storyboarding and experience mapping to really understand the problem, then developed prototypes based on ideation. I made sure to get a lot of user feedback in this stage, interviewing multiple teachers to get their opinions on the prototypes. This resulted in some refined solutions, like this 'Hands Up' idea!

Project Image
Project Image