Design Engineering
Showcase 2021


Access Poverty

Project Details

Anaïs Engelmann
Oscar Jones
Rhiannon Beddoe
Noor Ali
Coline Ritz
Design Engineering MEng

Future decentralised energy systems to alleviate urban poverty

Project Description

Project [em]power is a novel and viable business model for a decentralised community energy system. It facilitates an unprecedented opportunity for access and ownership of renewable energy generation amongst low-income communities.Today’s society is structured in such a way that disproportionally benefits the rich. This project proposes an energy system redesign for the UK in the year 2040 which aims to decouple energy consumption from absolute wealth.The solution consists of a decentralised energy system using a peer-to-peer trading platform, enabling energy prices to be affordable for all. External companies invest in solar panels on the rooves of council-owned buildings allowing renewable energy to be distributed to the tenants through Distributed Ledger Technology. This not only reduces energy bills but gives residents a new form of income within solar trading, fostering prosperity and empowering local communities.

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