Design Engineering
Showcase 2021


Product Service Systems

Project Details

George Gunn
Archie Taylor
Theo Matthews
Camilla Billari
Design Engineering MEng
Sustainable Design Engineering

Re-imagining event food packaging for the circular economy.

Project Description

Cyclify is a product-service system that aims to reduce waste at festivals. It does this through trackable and re-usable cups and trays that are washed and used several times. The containers are linked to an individual using an RFID tag & wristband, along with a penalty fare to incentivise disposal in the specified sites. These are conveniently located around the event site. The RFID tags also allow the usage of the trays to be tracked and EOL'ed appropriately. By removing stakeholders and making the trays from a single material, Cyclify can fully close the loop. Old trays are recycled in-house to create new trays at the end of their life.

The captive market of a music festival is the perfect test platform for the Cyclify system, before attempting a wider rollout.