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Ciao Chow

Waste in the Home
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Mia Taicher
Sacha Hussey
Hannah Qureshi
Joshua Anderson
Design Engineering MEng
Enterprise Roll Out
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The peer-to-peer food sharing platform for students in halls.

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Project Description

Ciao Chow enables students in university halls to advertise food they don’t wish to eat. Hallmates can browse food items on the app and arrange to meet and collect them. In return, students who redirected food are rewarded with points, which can be redeemed for discounts from their Student Union.

Unlike its competitors, Ciao Chow is more than a food trading platform - it facilitates social interactions for students in halls. Having students in such close proximity makes effort low and the rewards attractive.

The concept has been validated by a series of experiments with our target users, including a pilot at Imperial's Woodward Halls. We found that COVID had hit freshers hard, many finding it difficult to strike up friendships. By using Ciao Chow, freshers now had a reason to meet their hallmates: "It's helpful for making friends when you've seen someone around but never spoken to them."

An MVP of the app is now being developed in preparation for a summer launch.