Design Engineering
Showcase 2021

Aloe Study


Project Details

Jasper Driessen
Design Engineering MEng

Set your focus mood with the help of Aloe Study, the interactive study aid

Project Description

The theme behind GIZMO - 2021 is “ode to cardboard,” describing the completely cardboard construction of the device this year, due to the “remote workshop” scenario brought on by COVID-19. I wanted to try to reflect some of my experiences from the past year. Working from home has been different and at times I found it difficult to stay focussed. “Aloe Study” tries to help with this. When the device is started the mood light is set due to ambient temperature, and can be changed from this by the user to suit their mood with a small remote. To focus, the user puts their phone into the device, starting a 30-minute timer and causing the “Aloe Leaves” to spin, signifying the passage of time while being a less distracting focal point for wandering attention than a device. After 30 minutes, you get a 5-minute break. Completing a session turns on your lights and causes the leaves to spin faster, but if you pick up your phone, you lose the challenge and have to start again, keeping you focused.

Aloe Study hero image
Aloe study CAD model
Aloe study CAD model
Aloe study CAD model