Design Engineering
Showcase 2021


Product Service Systems

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Claudia Regojo
Design Engineering MEng
Advanced Industrial Design
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Sharing dynamic working spaces through IoT touchpoints

Project Description

Acrobt is a connected lamp, acting as the IoT touchpoint of a PSS utilised within co-working spaces to manage seating availability, secure belongings and enhance spontaneous interaction. It fulfils 3 functions:

- Providing flexible lighting through 6 regulable intensity LEDs powered by a rechargeable battery.

- Collecting data about working space conditions like noise levels, air quality and working mode (available/ do not disturb).

- Securing your belongings when you go on a break, through a detachable connected module and infrared sensing.

The device has 3 standing positions that signify 3 working modes: The "Guarding" mode for when you are away, the "Available" mode for when you are open to chatting and the "Focus" mode for when you don't want to be disturbed. Other front-end touchpoints within the system include an Interactive Map, which displays the live data collected by the active lamps, and the Docking station to recharge lamps at the end of the day.

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