Design Engineering
Showcase 2021

Future of Design - Keynote Series

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We have invited industry experts for a series of keynote talks on the Future of Design:

Nick Munro - Dreamteam Design, Designing the Future | 15:30-16:15 BST

Nick Munro has supplied the world’s best hotels, bars, restaurants and cafés and top retailers. His brand specialises in creating beautiful, elegant designs that deliver classic style and service level functionality. He is a leader in industrial design, and will be speaking about a future business model for design.

Dr. Guy Hoffman - Working with Robots | 16:15-17:00 BST

Dr. Guy Hoffman heads the Human-Robot Collaboration and Companion (HRC2) at Cornell University. He developed the world’s first human-robot joint theatre performance, and the first real-time improvising human-robot Jazz duet. He will be speaking about the future of working with robots.

Watch the recorded talks here.